3 festivals for Beijing’s identity

Beijing, China
A workshop combining the efforts of graphic design and architecture students. The theme was the creation of a temporary festival to unveil the identity of 3 separate sites. The project's aim was to highlight the contrast between China's new reality and the country's historical context. The 45 students who participated visited the Arts festival at 798 - a market on WangJing street - and a Lights & Music festival held at Temple of Heaven.

Reactivating culture in Xian

Xian, Shaanxi province, China
A workshop that explored the concept of creating 15 paths to discover the city's identity. Its aim was to increase cultural activity in a city held back by its past.

International summer school in Percé

Percé, Québec
Multidisciplinary workshop combining the efforts of graphic design students and architects. Its goal was to explore ways to unveil the many touristic, historic and cultural components of Percé village ( which also includes Barachois, Belle-Anse, Bougainville, Bridgeville, Cap-d'Espoir, Cannes-de-Roches, Coin-du-Banc, L'Anse-à-Beaufils, Pointe-Saint-Pierre, Rameau, Saint-George-de-Malbaie, and Val-d'Espoir ). In collaboration with graphic designer Ruedi Baur.

OCCUPY Beijing

Beijing, China
An intensive workshop that combined the efforts of visual arts students and architecture students to design an ephemeral space as part of the Olympics. The goal was to transform a public space temporarily while highlighting certain distinctive elements.