Integral Jean Beaudoin is a studio dedicated to the design of permanent and ephemeral spaces defined with urban design, architecture, lightscapes and infoscapes. The studio is headed by Jean Beaudoin, an architect living in Quebec.

The studio has worked on several architectural and urban design projects for various public and institutional clients. From time to time, it also participates in designs of residential and corporate projects.

The studio offers an array of services, design and construction drawings, feasibility studies, preliminary designs, planning guidelines, and construction management.



Pending on the needs outlined by the initial ideas, our studio will work with experts from other design fields including Way finding, graphic design, interior design and landscape design. We often include the collaboration of researchers and artists when asked to develop design concepts.

Jean Beaudoin is the first North American member of the European based network of designers called Integral Concept. Founded in 1989 by graphic designer Ruedi Baur, the network includes seven studios and a researcher who share a common vision of interdisciplinary design and the creation of places that are contextually and culturally meaningful. Beyond their professionnal activities, it is their commitment to promote their design approach, through teaching, editing and researching, that unites them.

Ruedi Baur – graphic and way finding designer, Laurent Malone – photographer and anthropologist, Christine Breton, Lars Muller – graphic designer and editor , Florence Lipsky & Pascal Rollet Architects, Guilio Vinaccia – industrial designer, and Philippe Delis – scenographer.

Green landscape – public transport and taxis in Xian, China