New signage and urban visibility for Concordia University

The project aims to consolidate the urban visibility of this major institution in Montreal. The concept is based on 3 key areas : establish Concordia underground network as an important part of ''Montreal souterrain'', create a strong expression of the gates onto street level and create a unique Concordia skyline, a luminous light line jumping from buildingto building in the area.

Our original mandate was to define a highly cohesive strategy to the way finding and signage project of the campus. For design porposes it has expanded into installation of a landmark line in the underground portal as well as light walls outlining the content of the university buildings, design of the streetlevel signage, creation of student info kiosk , design for the navette bus stops as well as setting the basis for the campus lighting concept.

Success of this project is based on the ongoing commitment of the Concordia realestate management team dedicated to create a cohesive and strong urban identity for the university campus.
Place: Concordia Downtown Campus
City: Montreal, Quebec
Date: Underway since 2010
Client: Concordia university
Team: Intégral Jean Beaudoin ( Jean Beaudoin, Li An, Antje Kolm, André Préfontaine) , Intégral Ruedi Baur ( Ruedi Baur ) and Humà ( Stéphanie Cardinal, Clémence Perrin, Jeanne Faure )
Status: On-going