Light Tremors in the Art Canal

The temporary artwork aims to create visibility for the preservation and reprogramming of this industrial area as a creative district.
1000 floating lights hover to different levels of white light pending on their respective GSP altitude positioning.
A reminder of the perpetual tremors of japanese land. Echoing fishing traditions, the 1000 are spread onto the canal from a ''line'' uninting two bamboo poles on each bank. Visitors will be able to transform the lightscape by introducing vibrations in water as well as play with other visitors on the other site of the canal. A playfull reminder of vintage phone-lines that were, in someways, a more direct and humanized way to interact then our hightech social networks and phones.
Place: Nakagawa Canal
City: Nagoya, Japan
Date: 2012
Client: Art Canal Association
Team: Jean Beaudoin and Li An with technical advice from Erick Villeneuve
Status: On-going