Memorial to the Olympics

An evolving landscape as a memorial to olympic medal winners.

Beyond a simple listing of names, the aim was to create a landscape that would evolve every 2 years, at the hosting of every new Olympic Games. A matrix of layers in the landscape define an area for the representation of each sport. A bridge paved with pictographs unveils each one of these layers and connects the main parvis to an outdoor ceremonial auditorium.

Each medal winner's achievement would be acknowledged by a light pole, and each light pole would follow a lighting pattern designed to reflect the athlete's history and sport. A subtle and continuous light show would highlight the relationships between the memorial poles. Light clouds that represent countries and olympic cities would be generated.

The visitor discovers the field by climbing up to a parvis where all olympic cities are represented by a portal. Then a slope down through a forest of trees, each tree acknowledging an ancient olympic winner. The promenade would then lead to trails and clearings that include the memorial poles, specific to the modern olympic era. The visitor would reach the auditorium and then journey back on the bridge where a detailed description of events and athletes would be outlined.

This evolving landscape, meant to last for a 1,000 years, was designed as a destination that pays homage to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics.
City: Olympia, Greece
Date: 2005
Client: government of Greece
Team: Intégral Jean Beaudoin ( Jean Beaudoin, Ming Cheng Fu [ ph 2] and Nicolas Pichouron )
Status: Concours