go Big : St-Michel soccer center

Montréal, Québec
Scaled appropriately in relation to the quarry's park, this giant structure is designed to cover two soccer fields and faces the Cirque du Soleil's vast Arts complex.

Joliette arts museum

Joliette, Québec
This design proposal enabled the Joliette arts museum to obtain a $10 million grant for its refurbishment and expansion. We are currently working on completing the construction programme.

1 kilometer long bamboo wall

Harbin, China
A one kilometer long wall opens up in summer to unveil the natural surroundings of the park, then closes up in winter to create a space around a skating area on the lake.

Submersible theater in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea
Comme à Montréal, le grand pont d'accès à la ville de Séoul prend assise sur une île au centre du fleuve. Par scarification, il est proposé d'inondé celle-ci et d'y encaver les deux salles du projet de part et d'autres d'une place sous le niveau de l'eau.

Bridge museum, Silk Road park

Xian, China
A bridge that includes a gallery where a 120 meter video wall is fed by live broadcasts covering 120 meaningful places along the 12,000 kilometer long Silk Road that stretches from Xian to Rome.

Garden for new university campus

Douala, Cameroon
A large garden that celebrates Cameroon's botanical species links up the faculties of Pharmaceuticals and Industrial design. This study was done in collaboration with CIma+ engineering.

ECHO : Tower and OSM Concert hall

Montréal, Québec
An attempt to create a dialogue between the OSM concert hall (Montreal Symphonic Orchestra) and a government tower. At one end of the site the concert hall is suspended within a glass enclosure that resonates in tandem with the variations in sound. At the other, the government tower's structural core is transformed into a light wall that symbolizes the activity of government workers. Culture echoes social activities. Between the buildings exists a courtyard for hosting Montreal festivals. This project received an award in an international competition. The site is now called Place des festivals.

Chopin museum in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
A glass enclosure along one of Warsaw's typical street fronts that mirrors the garden at Ostrogski Palace.

First Nations museum

A ribbon set in the landscape symobolizes the museum's two main spaces. This project received an award in a national competition.

U2 tower, Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
Projet finaliste pour la réalisation d'une tour hébergeant des organismes de bienfaisance et le studio du groupe U2 en cîme. La tour est posée sur un parvis
définissant un amphithéâtre informel au niveau de la rue ainsi que deux niveaux d'interface sur ''rue'': le pub auquel se superpose la galerie.

Theater as gateway to Cirque district

Montréal, Québec
The site's interpretation centre and theater are linked with the use of a large sail. During the day the installation becomes a large wall, translucent and white, in sharp contrast with the elevated highway. Selected for the final round, this project was realized while working at Dupuis Letourneux / MSD Architects. The initial concept was designed and realized with André Préfontaine.

Theater for Centro Gallego

Havana, Cuba
This design, which won an award in an international ideas competition, was for the expansion of the Centro Gallego, located alongside the Cuban capital's main government buildings. A temporary amphitheatre reveals itself through the use of a glass screen. My first professional project with Anik Labrie and Martin Leblanc.

la grande Bibliothèque – Québec’s national library

Montréal, Québec
This project included the work of Nomade, DL / FABG Architects, signage designer Ruedi Baur and lighting designer Yann Kersalé. This design was selected in a prestigious competition that included Zaha Hadid, Portwamparc and Saucier+Perrotte Architects.

Concert hall for Franz Liszt

Raiding, Austria
To maintain the existing scale of this area of the city – including a plaza, a park, a street and a museum – dedicated to Franz Liszt, this design places the 600-seat concert hall under a garden. A plane mirroring the roof of the hall hovers above a clearing in the landscape. This project was retained as being the most innovative in an open European competition.

Light Tower, South Korea

Busan, South Korea
Only project out of 194 proposals to integrate the historic tower within the programme. The height was doubled with the use of a glass structure that integrates lighting which mirrors the revolving human activity of the city. This project received an award in a UIA international competition.

2 buildings for LAMA district

Sligo, Ireland
With the integration of two separate programmes, a place between the city library and history museum is created. The Gaelic and English languages are given equal footing within a typographical landscape that unites the two buildings. 2nd prize, two-phase open European competition.

Giant bamboo veil in Anji

Anji, China
An 800 meter bamboo screen defines the edges of a park where the city's emblematic tree is grown, at the centre of China. A museum and a multimedia centre located at either side enable the integration of both a riverfront and cityscape at the edges of a large plaza.