Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal.
A evolving temporary public space that will mutate during the construction work surroundings. The first phase is the 1KM long red boardwalk.

Light Tremors in the Art Canal

Nagoya, Japan
The temporary artwork aims to create visibility for the preservation and reprogramming of this industrial area as a creative district.
1000 floating lights hover to different levels of white light pending on their respective GSP altitude positioning.
A reminder of the perpetual tremors of japanese land. Echoing fishing traditions, the 1000 are spread onto the canal from a ''line'' uninting two bamboo poles on each bank. Visitors will be able to transform the lightscape by introducing vibrations in water as well as play with other visitors on the other site of the canal. A playfull reminder of vintage phone-lines that were, in someways, a more direct and humanized way to interact then our hightech social networks and phones.

New signage and urban visibility for Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec
The project aims to consolidate the urban visibility of this major institution in Montreal. The concept is based on 3 key areas : establish Concordia underground network as an important part of ''Montreal souterrain'', create a strong expression of the gates onto street level and create a unique Concordia skyline, a luminous light line jumping from building to building in the district.

Granite museum at Bussière quarry

Drolet lake, Québec
An exhibition describing the granite industry's history. Large engravings are set into large plates of recycled granite. The interpretation center and permanent exhibit are located at the heart of 17 quarries that surround this particular quarry, one of which was used for the construction of Saint-Joseph's Oratory. The programme includes a cultural park and interpretation center. The project was realized in collaboration with Humà.

Joliette arts museum

Joliette, Québec
This design proposal enabled the Joliette arts museum to obtain a $10 million grant for its refurbishment and expansion. We are currently working on completing the construction programme.

Garden for new university campus

Douala, Cameroon
A large garden that celebrates Cameroon's botanical species links up the faculties of Pharmaceuticals and Industrial design. This study was done in collaboration with CIma+ engineering.

Infoscapes linking Montréal museums

Montréal, Québec
The goal of this project was to link together 32 Montréal museums using a common visual identity. The design revolves around a series of paths that help discover museums located in various parts of the city. The project was realized in collaboration with Intégral Ruedi Baur.

Taipei World Design Expo

Taipei, Taiwan
Jean Beaudoin presented at the World Design Expo a lecture titled 'Evolving landscapes seen through the Quartier des spectacles'. While attending this international design conference, Jean Beaudoin met up with friends and collaborators Liu Kecheng, architect, and Song Wei Wei, graphic artist.

He presented the 'Plan lumière', 'Champ de pixels' and 'Nuage de givre' projects.

6 minutes in Japan

Nagoya, Japan
Following an invitation by the city of Montreal, Jean Beaudoin presented a Pecha Kucha lecture during an event that celebrated UNESCO Design Cities (Nagoya and Montreal). The lecture, hosted by the city of Nagoya, explored in 20 images the mutations that shape Montréal's identity.

Lighting as identity for downtown

Montréal, Québec
In collaboration with Rudi Baur, we created this Montreal area's visual identity and installation using a lighting design that reflects the city's changing activities. For the following eight years, up until 2012, we managed and developed the site's lighting choreography.

Red square meets Red dot @ RDV DESIGN

Montéal, Québec
A lecture on the mutating identities that make Montreal and how they are extended in space. From the creativity of the red square as an iconic brand of Quebec's social evolution to the red dot representing Montréal's Quartier des spectacles. The lecture was presented as part of RDV Design, an annual design conference sponsored by Infopresse.

a million voices for democracy

Montréal, Québec
A million blinking lights representing just as many points of views. This design was meant as a public place for democracy meant to preserve free speech and connect social media to urban life. 2nd prize in a national competition. Project done in collaboration with visual artist Christian Barré.

Evolving landscape at Montréal airport

Montréal, Québec
We were invited to submit a design proposal for a large-scale installation at Montreal's airport. A total of 21 glass panels are used to display the letters YUL. This project was realized in collaboration with Erick Villeneuve and engineers at BRP and the Transportation Technology Centre.

OCCUPY Beijing

Beijing, China
An intensive workshop that combined the efforts of visual arts students and architecture students to design an ephemeral space as part of the Olympics. The goal was to transform a public space temporarily while highlighting certain distinctive elements.

Giant bamboo veil in Anji

Anji, China
An 800 meter bamboo screen defines the edges of a park where the city's emblematic tree is grown, at the centre of China. A museum and a multimedia centre located at either side enable the integration of both a riverfront and cityscape at the edges of a large plaza.

Nuage de givre

Montréal, Canada
The cloud of frost is made up of 100,000 water particles, 5,500 clusters of light suspended above the Place des Festivals. During daytime these reflect a translucent type of light, with shadows projecting themselves on a thin layer of ice or light snowfall. At nighttime a light show is projected above the plaza.